Experience nature like never before with Tentsile Tree Tents



Who doesn’t have a fond childhood memory of climbing into a tree house and going on an imaginary adventure. With the unique range of Tree Tents from Tentsile, you can now have your very own portable tree house every time you go camping!

Just imagine yourself immersed in the beauty of nature, without having to worry about uneven and wet terrains that can ruin your camping trip. That is exactly what you get with our range of Tree Tents.


The perfect suspended living space

Camping is always a great adventure. But, sometimes things like bugs, snakes and other creepy crawlies can really ruin your trip. With the help of our unique products such as the Stingray Tree Tent and the Flite+ Tree Tent, you never have to worry about these things again.

With the help of superior quality tensioned fabrics, we bring you a revolutionary camping equipment that will make you want to head outdoors right now. All you need are three sturdy points all less than 90 degrees from one another, and you’re all set for an extraordinary experience.


They are easy to set up

The Flite+ Tree Tent takes only about ten minutes to set up. You can find all the set up instructions in easy to follow videos on our website. Our tree tents are hassle free and allow you to truly enjoy the beauty and bounty of nature in peace.

They are ultra-light and weight approximately 7lbs, making them easy to carry while you trek. It comes in a size that is perfect for backpacking adventures. The easy set up facility allows you to move quickly from one spot to the next.


A wide range of products to choose from

At Tentsile, we are always dedicated to making your camping experience better. Our team of experts are always looking to make innovations that make our tree tents more suited to your camping needs.

You can compare between the different models with the help of our comparison sheet and pick one that best suits your camping requirements. You can choose from the Flite+ Tree Tent, Connect Tree Tent, Stingray Tree Tent, Vista Tree Tent and many others.

You can also chat with our team on the website, and we will help you get the best suited tent for your camping plans!


An innovation that is truly revolutionary

When the prototype for the Tentsile Giant was featured by Inhabitat in 2012, there was no looking back. From then on, we have been constantly redesigning and updating our prototype to create a model that was simple, lean, light and affordable for campers all over the world.

This continuous striving for innovation and excellence has helped us win several awards and accolades over the years. But we are more than just a profit-making organization. We are also aware of our responsibilities towards the planet. All our tree tent models cause no environmental impact or leave any ecological footprint.

With Tentsile Tree Tents, you get all the thrill of camping while helping in your own way to preserve the trees.