Fascinating Camping Tents You Should Buy Today

Fascinating Camping Tents You Should Buy Today

Are you a regular camper? Do you enjoy taking a hike frequently? Then this is the best place for you to know all about the different camping tents. Not all camping locations offer you similar experience and challenges and that’s why the nature and type of tents are also different.

Know about the best tents for camping in various locations and enjoy your stay, under the starry night sky, to the fullest. The various ranges of camping tents cover all sorts of pop-up tents that are handy and hardy to be taken for various camps.

Basic Ridge Tent

The great grandfather of all camping tents is still not out of fashion. Having two poles at each of the ends, this tent structure, offer stability under any kind of terrain and weather conditions.

Coming in almost all sizes, this tent ranges from being a single-person tiny tent to a large one, accommodating a group of hikers. However, the main problem with this camping tent structure is the head height. Irrespective of the purpose of your camping, if the head height is on the lower side, then the tent becomes a bit crummy. So, the basic ridge tent is for the campers who only prefer to use the camping tents for sleeping purposes.

Dome Tent

This is one of the most popular camping tents amongst modern campers and hikers. This flexible camping tent bends to form a half-circle wherein both of the ends are grounded by the strong tape or a strap. This strap runs around the base of the tent and often acts like a groundsheet.

This tent is definitely flexible and easier to carry around but in terms of stability, it is much lesser than the basic ridge tent.

Quick-Pitch Tents

As the name suggests, this kind of tents are easier to pitch in any camping condition. You just have to twist the sprung frame which is long and coiled in the fabric of this camping tent. Until recently this kind of tents were only suited for good weather and terrain condition. But recent development has made then much more robust than earlier.

However, till now experienced campers use this kind of tents for no more than two nights at a stretch. These kinds of camping tents become handy when you are going for a camping venture where you need to hike a lot without staying at the single location for long.

Pop-Up Tents

Pop-Up camping tents or also known by the name pop-up campers are one of the most widely used camping tents by families who go out for hiking. Its simple structure makes it portable and easy to be carried around in regular family cars.

This kind of tents are the best alternative for hikers who need to pitch the camping tents , make the beds and then also wrap-up the entire thing in a very short notice. So, if you want to cover a lot of ground by hiking and do not wish to spend more time in settling down in a spot, these kinds of tents are ideal for you.

Camping tents come in different sizes and shapes and they also vary according to the needs.

So, choose the suitable tent that best matches the requirement and schedule of your camp.