Know About Americas Most Exotic Campgrounds

Know About Americas Most Exotic Campgrounds

With vast stretches of beautiful mountains and serene beaches, America offers various exotic camping locations. So, if you are planning to go for camping this weekend and wondering what places to go camping near me, then there are thousands of options for tent camping in USA from where you can choose.

Not all US campgrounds by State offer similar experience for the campers. So, before deciding to set up your tent under the sky, check out our exclusive list of tent camping sites.

There are certain things you must remember before going on a camping trip to America. Some treks will be more challenging than others. Choose among the best camping trails of the country in this exclusive list. 


So, without wasting any time further, let’s see what all camping sites are most famous in USA:

Oregon’s Crater Lake National Park

This natural camping location is an outcome of an ancient volcanic eruption. The Crater Lake is actually a very deep and clear lake surrounded by cliffs and ponderosa pine forest. This out of the ordinary location offers you various camping amenities. Apart from exploring the enchanting Wizard Island, you can also go on an adventurous trek on the vast and beautiful Pacific Crest Trail.

California’s Jumbo Rock Campground

Adjoining the western borders of the famous Joshua Tree National Park, this camping site is just a short trek away from the beautiful rock fountains. There are only 124 camping sites available in this campground and they are given on first-come, first-serve basis. So, giddy up and arrive fast as it is just a 2 hours drive from Los Angeles.

Arizona’s North Rim Campground

What can be more thrilling than a camping hike near the legendary Grand Canyon? Take a memorable hike down the North Rim and enjoy the breathtaking views. The camping area is ideal for both tenting and camping your RVs. This naturally inspired location will provide you the ultimate solace and quench the thirst of your adventurous mind.

California’s Death Valley National Park

The state of California is a natural treasure of camping destinations. And, if you are a fan of extreme camping adventures then Death Valley National Park is the place to pitch your camping tent. The humbling landscape and the challenging environment will offer you an experience to remember. The endless sand dunes along with the surreal view will make you feel that you have been transported to another planet. There are options to explore the land on horseback or in car.

Alaska’s Bartlett Cove Campground

If you are a fan of different variety of flora-n-fauna then this challenging hike to Bartlett Cove Campground is a must go location for you. A location where, once a glacier used to stand, offers you an ultimate opportunity to come near the different species including the grizzly bear, the grey wolves, and the elk along with the legendary humpback whales.

This list of US Campgrounds by State tells you about the different types of camping locations and answers your search for places to go camping near me. The tent camping in USA locations offers you the variety of experience that no other place can ever offer.