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Best Tent Store gives you the best camping experience whenever  and wherever you would like to travel. No need to struggle to find for neat, dry, clean, or level campsites, you may opt for any place that seems the best or the most adventures for you with the all-new SPORTZ TRUCK TENT 57 SERIES. The SPORTZ TRUCK TENT 57 SERIES fits seamlessly in the backside of the open-bed pickup truck to provide you with the most comfortable and relaxing sleeping space for two adults.

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The amazing SPORTZ TRUCK TENT 57 SERIES comes with all new features including greater than 5.7’ of headroom and a fully sewn-in floor that offers great warmth along with the required dryness.

The SPORTZ TRUCK TENT 57 SERIES is an all-rounder, it fits for all then may it be the off-roaders or the hardcore tailgaters, it is the best choice for all. The anglers and festival-goers are also welcomed. The comfortable sleeping area makes it the perfect one to cherish a wonderful deep sleep under the sky full of stars that too with the best and accurately dry ground surface.
Hence the SPORTZ TRUCK TENT 57 SERIES is considered the best option for all the get-up and go adventurous trips.

The SPORTZ TRUCK TENT 57 SERIES includes highly durable tents featuring full rainfly to provide the best dry atmosphere in the harshest stormy and rainy weather too. It possesses two side vents as well as two large windows that make sure that there are an optimum amount of ventilation is present. No suffocation yet accurately dry atmosphere isn’t it great?
The SPORTZ TRUCK TENT 57 SERIES is designed specially to provide the most desired and comfortable camping atmosphere. The rear access panel present in the tents of the SPORTZ TRUCK TENT 57 SERIES is a bonus that ensures accessibility to the truck’s cab that provides support and space for added convenience and storage.

The special design of 4’ x 4’ awning in the SPORTZ TRUCK TENT 57 SERIES supplies a great amount of shade and makes sure to securely fasten to the tailgate that adds an extra room for relaxation.
The SPORTZ TRUCK TENT 57 SERIES special design supports easy packing and transformation into a highly expandable and the most lightweight carrying bag, that makes it highly portable, easy to carry, and travel-ready so that you can be ready with your SPORTZ TRUCK TENT 57 SERIES whenever and wherever your truck may take you.

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So planning to go camping? So, join us, with Best Tent Store your camping experience will be unforgettable. Become an exclusive part of the extraordinary and revolutionary camping journey with millions of explorers that have already have the amazing features of the highly convenient and flexible SPORTZ TRUCK TENT 57 SERIES, the best one for all outdoor adventures.