The Irresistible features of Gigatent and Treepod Tents

Tents are available in different sizes and forms. Your requirements of a tent will depend upon the number of people who are going to sleep in the tent, what activity you are going to perform, by the weight of the tent and the number of openings. What is more important, are the weather conditions under which you are going to set the tent.

However, the most defining features of a tent are its shape, the material it is made from, its strength and features like ventilation. The two most famous brands of tents are Gigatent and Treepod.


Gigatent cares about all the tent activities ranging from tent parties of kids or pets or garden parties, hiking, backpacking to family camping. This brand has tents of all shapes and sizes which are designed, manufactured and tested for quality by a fully qualified team.

All the parts of Gigatent ranging from fabrics, poles, zippers and sleeping bags are chosen with utmost care and caution. The main motive of Gigatent is to make your activity adventurous and interesting.

Gigatent designs tents for kids called Gigatent play tent. These tents provide just the ideal space for your kids to play, explore and have great fun. They are designed for kids of all ages with full safety features and are available in small to large size ranges.

The Gigatent play tents are even designed in the shape of birds and animals to make them attractive such as Baxter Beetle or Lily The Lady Bug. Some tents are in the shape of cubes and tubes so that children also carry out some physical activity while playing.

Gigatent pop up pod is basically designed as a portable changing room. It does not even need the use of poles and easily pops up. The main material which Gigatent pop up pod is made of is fabric. It can be taken to beaches, photo shoots, camping activities or anywhere where privacy is needed and you need to change clothes. It can be simply folded into a light weight carry bag.

Treepod Tent

Treepod tent is a further advancement in the types of tents and their safety. The use of these tents will make you sleep high away from ground, insects, pooling water, rocks, mud or roots. It carries a single point from where it needs to be suspended from a strong support. It is made of aluminum and hence is very light weight with strong outer walls.

The tent has mesh doors and weather resistant windows to allow ventilation. It’s hanging ability makes children feel like as tree houses turning their activities full of fun. The treepod tent has a carrying capacity for two people.

Treepod hanging tent is made from an aluminum casing, which is water, fire and UV resistant. It is designed to hang from a brawny tree or a specially designed treepod stand through a single suspension point.

This sturdy tent can carry a weight of 400 pounds. The windows are meshed for good ventilation. It also has a carrying capacity of two. And, it even has pockets to store your belongings. Thus, it can be called as a hanging tree house to enjoy and have fun at all times!